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what they say....

What they say…

“Emory explores space and patterns…at every turn obsessive..”
-New York Times

“Emory takes us on a journey through various stages of dream state…”
-Philadelphia Weekly

“primal, thought provoking and innovative”

“Devynn’s performances attract fans of all media because of the eclectic blend of interactive video, voice-over, elaborate costumes and spliced-together music selection.”
-Philadelphia City Paper

“Devynn’s performances may look like a ring of bison bulls butting heads, a high school football practice or a galaxy swirling in on onitself…”
-Philadelphia City Paper

“Devynn Emory's movement theater performance on Saturday was like that suspense you feel in your stomach when you've just left an angry, inappropriate voicemail message. On one hand, you're like, "Oh shit, what did I just do?" On the other hand, you're like, "I never imagined ruining my life would feel so intensely liberating."
-Philadelphia City Paper

“Emory's loosely controlled movement style stands out from the rest. Instinctive and surefooted…they should place in the lead."
-KEY to Philadelphia

“Emory is cantilevered into an inhuman compass turn, a slowly slanting weather vane...”
-Dance Insider

“Innovative and fun, the dancers made witty comments and provided visual interest and percussion accompaniment.”
–The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Synchronized, precise, fluid and interesting”

“Intriguing..with the glide and grace of a Michael Jackson moonwalk.”

“Emory understands form and has the necessary fearlessness to create an individual language—an admirable accomplishment.”

“The visual clarity is satisfying. It is precise but not mechanical…human.”
-IDANZ newswire

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November 2010