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devynn emory’s work has been described as “a ring of bison bulls butting heads, a high school football practice or a galaxy swirling in on onitself…” or “like that suspense you feel in your stomach when you've just left an angry, inappropriate voicemail message. On one hand, you're like, "Oh shit, what did I just do?" On the other hand, you're like, "I never imagined ruining my life would feel so intensely liberating." This speaks to the risk taking and captivation, the falling apart slippery images and the building with another that is one of a few themes that threads through works of devynnemory/beastproductions. This risk taking is palpable as you watch the performers work through a task, a moment, an experience, an obstacle or a sensation. These performers take emory’s work to heart, which means doing everything with the fullest honesty in the moment. You will never see a fake fall or a fake exchange. The connection between the performers and the energetic and structural design of the space that supports them, both show a history and spacial awareness. The performers offer the environment created first, connect within it, and trust the interactions that occur here, as if a sacred safe space has been created and then shared. Through emory’s experience of severe dyslexia, combined with their classical dance training and gender transition throughout the dance history timeline, the scenes and scapes that are offered shows order, perfection, and formalism meeting rawness of a body’s experience. With a rotating cast, emory’s performers find connection and chaos within this formalism, and this contrast bridges a familiar past with a contemporary today.

-Andrew Simonet, Founder, Headlong Dance Theater

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