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Dance Crush Shake Tent
Dance Crush Shake Tent

A written score learned by the dancers the week prior, and performed at Judson 1/29/18.

Dance Crush Shake Tent

Directed by: devynnemory/beastproductions with performers:

Angie Pittman, Tess Dworman, devynn emory, and *special guests

Sounds by: devynn emory

Mixed by: Susan Karabush

This early stage of research currently in movement form seeds from expanding my proximity to the dying body as I become a nurse. Stemming from spiritual practices of death rituals within my bloodline while looking at contemporary practices in the hospital setting, bring these bodies together this evening.

Leslie Cuyjet, Katie Dean, Ayano Elson, Natalie Green, Lily Gold, Michael Ingle,Kyli Kleven, Stevie May, Cassie Mey, Kay Ottinger, iele paloumpis, Jules Skloot