• Building a Buffalo workshop, and performance

    Building a Buffalo

    This project is a facilitation discussed, written about and attempted in 3 meetings. The first meeting includes a writing workshop and discussion based on the topics below. The next two meetings include building a score from these materials. Available for touring.

    The original cast and score performed at BAAD in New York November 2016 and includes:
    Kristel Faye Baldoz, Ayano Elson, devynn emory, Ariel “Speedwagon” Federow, Joey Kipp, iele paloumpis, Jumatatu Poe, Jules Skloot, Marya Wethers, Tara Aisha Willis

    Prompt: To be mixed. To be female, except… To be a POC except... To be from here but not really, to be a dancer and also other, to be in agreement except not, to be in the light except private, to perform these selves, to make a ritual, to undo the rituals, to use what is passed down and also create something new, as a collective and separate. To put forward what we don't want others to put forward for us.