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Movement Research Festival 2015 at Mt. Tremper Arts.
Duet with Vanessa Anspaugh

the influence of what comes into the room is an archive of whats going on in our lives. it becomes a timepiece, a living document. female sexuality, transgender sexuality, the experience of witnessing it without the male gaze being implemented, without the bodies being objectified, the power dynamics between us, discussing the realities of sounds around us here, and the reliefs when we leave. the struggle of the queer body to have a family, joining the hegemony and desiring the expansion. stripping away the performance of the body and tuning into the honesty and history of the flesh.

how to use previous labor, research, resources, failures and outcomes of other works of ours, and letting them be in the room together. letting these previous documents inform us, and guide us into a third space. the struggle and aggression that has made these previous works, and reconvening a year later to allow these works some breathing room, some maturity and depth. what happens to material after its presented? how can we hold it, and get to know it further, and allow it to serve as a teacher instead of trying to shape it and control it. how can we be in conversation with it and our bodies and allow for dialogue.